DEPLASMAN SETİIt is a set with which you can perform abomasal displacement operation with laparoscopic method thanks to the special apparatus embedded in the endoscope. It has been developed by German scientists and it is a patented product manufactured by them. It is a unique set which allows the vet practitioner to intervene in the cases in thoracic and abdominal cavity with laparoscopic method.

It is a set specially developed for abomasal displacements common in bovine animals today, a disease whose radical solution is operative. With this set, you can perform your displacement operations in 25-30 minutes. Besides, animals don't need an extra care after the operations. A German brand, Dr. Fritz, developing technologies specifically for veterinary surgeons, is the manufacturer of the highest-quality and most reliable products. The toggle pins used in the displacement operations have been developed by Dr. Fritz and they are patented.


  • It enables the operator to see the internal organs with its telescope. Besides, the same telescope is used in vaginoscopy and uterus monitoring.
  • It is possible to perform operations with 1 cm cuts thanks to its special trochars.
  • A Portable, special design LED light source is used.
  • It is possible to perform an operation in standing position with the Christiansen speaker.
  • The toggle pins used have long ropes enabling operations in standing position.
  • The training and application will be provided by us.


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