cihazlar output ANT˜B˜YOGRAMAntibiotics are the most commonly and mistakenly used drugs in treatments. Due to insensible and excessive use of antibiotics, bacteria might develop drug resistance, also such problems as diagnosis masking, increase in treatment costs, late treatment, super-infection, discredit for doctors and drugs etc. could be seen.

Disk Difusion Method is recommended for the right antibiotic selection. This test is applied by routine labs around the world and it allows the practitioner to choose the group of antibiotics, to which the micro organisms are most susceptible, by only sparing 20 mins, and the results can be determined in 2-3 days. It is a qualitative test that measures the inhibition effect of antibiotic on the subject.

HASVET Medical provides all the necessary equipment for the test as a set. Our set includes disinfector, forceps, antibiogram forceps, special wire etc. all the equipment you will need. Also, we provide trainings of application and interpretation free of charge.


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