• Will e-vet software allow veterinarians to work in hard environmental conditions? Because as far as our profession is concerned, we work out in the field more than our clinics. Or will we use it only in our clinics?

E-vet is a web-based software program which is distinguished from other softwares with features such as usability out in the field, high security and update. It is not only us, but all the banks, GSM operators, airline companies, hospitals, pharmacies, state institutions etc. use web-based online software programs. We have to use online programs not only because of working in the field, but also due to security and update reasons. In recent years, it has become less and less common to develop or use non-web based online softwares.

  • What are the advantages of an online software program for a veterinarian?

We are members of a profession with quite a lot of workload. It may not always be possible to backup and keep our information safely in our computers. E-vet uses an oracle database, and has specialist database admins that are responsible for backup and safety of the servers in different locations.

It is only possible with an online software to adapt to the new regulations that might be put into effect in regards to our profession, to make instant updates with medicines, vaccinations and spermas that are to get certificates and to add new data.

Using an online software program will enable you to access your information and perform actions on them anywhere with an internet connection. Given the fact that your work will be mostly out in the fields, accessing all the animal info (treatment-insemination-illness etc.) of that enterprise, current accounts and all of the previously saved statistics will undoubtedly provide an advantage.

  • Is the software in compliance with the latest regulation and will there be an update should any changes in the regulations be made?

Since the software has been recently developed, it is designed to be in compliance with the latest regulations. With the advantage of having an online software, we can instantly update it to comply with the latest regulations.

  • Will the stock-expiry date issues be taken care of?

Information about most of the products that you will be selling is available in our software. What you just have to do is enter the quantity and expiry dates of the medicines. In this way, you will be able to see the medicines highlighted as their expiry dates approach and track them easily. And you can define stocks as vehicle stock and edit them.

  • Will it increase our profitability?

Because of old habits, records were kept in books. Inevitably, there were occasional mistakes in the inputs and outputs. There were records which were not kept at all, forgotten, or mistaken, and that caused loss of thousands of dollars annually. You will be able to prevent those seemingly small losses by keeping your records easily and safely in our software. You will see that your profitability will also increase. The software will enable a quantifiable clinical business administration. You can get statistical results for any process, which will give us an opportunity to evaluate and correct our mistakes.

  • Will it provide a solution to our problems regarding on-credit payment tracking and due payment collection?

E-vet software has an advanced reporting system. You can get customers' receipts of retrospective debts & due payments, you can track their payment habits, and see your total due payments and debts instantly. With optional online information sharing feature, it will be easier for colleagues working in the same area to share information.

  • Can I use barcode reader, printer and such by-products with the e-vet veterinary software?

e-vet software can be used with any kind of accessories that will utilize a veterinarian's practice. Our continually working software team will keep updating the software.

  • Can I access e-vet software system anytime?

What you just need is a WI-FI access on your PC or mobile device. You can log on to your software program via internet connection and you can check your stocks, appointments and prepare prescriptions etc.

  • Can I get the extracts the Ministry requires with one click?

Your duty is just to issue a prescription and enter the artificial insemination information; the rest will be saved automatically by the software and your extracts will be ready with just one click.

  • Will there be a payment, bank, credit card tracking?

In the accounting section, you will be able to list credit card payment dates, company payment plans with just one click.

  • Will I be notified about the appointments?

Our software will automatically track and follow your appointments for you, will daily notify you and show your to-do list.

  • Can I log on to the software on my mobile device, iPad and other tablet PCs?

You can log on to the software via mobile phones, iPad etc. any device with an internet connection.



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