Cihazlar 01 OTOKLAV

Automated Water filling Horizontal Autoclave
● Steam and water circulation system. no external water source.
not exhaust steam outside. environment is dean and dryness.
● Micro-computer control, touch-key.
● Automatic control over the processes of heating, sterilization.
steam exhaust. filling water and dryness.
● Process. temperature. time dynamic LCD displayed.
● Positive pressure pulse function exhaust cool air of sterilizing
chamber thoroughly and ensure the steam saturation.
● There are equipped with instrument. instrument bags.
dressing. rubber sterilization programs for customer's choice.
● Self-failure test system capable of displaying failure on the
● Printer is available for optional.
● The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.

Main Technical Parameters
● Designed pressure: O.26Mpa.
● Designed temperature: 150°C.
● Rated working pressure: 0.22Mpa.
● Sterilization temperature, 105°C~136°C.
● Precision of temp. displayed: 0.1°C.
● Model Voltage Power Capacity Chamber Size Outside size (mm) Net weight
STE-H-60 220V/ 50Hz 3.6Kw 60L Ø380x500mm W730xH540xD840 85kg
STE-H-80 380V/ 50Hz 5.7Kw 80L Ø380x700mm W730xH540xD1040 100kg
Autoclave must adopt distilled water as operation medium.
Even Purified water has various minerals, & can produce
furring scale after evaporation at high temperature, which, after
a period of time, can lead to leaking of steam due to improper
closure. It can also lead to the clog in the narrow pipes and
pressure sensor, to the malfunction of temperature sensor and
to other failures.
Once the furring scale enters handpiece and other instrument
which are hollow inside or has apertures, it will clog the narrow
pipes and axis, lowering the turning speed of handpiece, thus
reducing its life span. Therefore, using distilled water is
DIST, 1.5 liter/hour Distilator
Model Voltage V/Hz Power (W) Distilled water L/h Chamber size Outside size Weight Packing size
DIST 220/50 750 1.5 Ø180x200mm 290x290x390mm 3.5kg 245x285x510mm
Option Pulse Vacuum
● Pulsant final vacuum drying system ensures the best
drying effect of package.
● B-O test and vacuum test programs.
Temp. degree of uniformity: <±0.5°C.
● Material of chamber:
SUS 304
stainless steel.


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