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Artificial insemination test kit for veterinarian

The portable test kit for livestock's fertility screening.
(Main Export country; USA, Spain, Brasil, Australia, Japan, Iran etc)

To check the condition of livestock's sperm before the artificial insemination is the essential process to reduce the time to wait for the successful fertilization in this world-wide industry.Handycope is the high-powered portable microscope designed as a fast and reliable test kit for livestock's fertility screening. Using Handycope, most active and healthiest sperm samples could be selected for the most efficient artificial insemination and high successful rate of pregnancy.

Handycope is easy to handle and carry anywhere and operated by self supplied lithium battery, so no additional power supply is needed. Lenses of Handycope were produces under the standard of DIN.

High-quality 200 times magnification image equal to the image of standard desk-top microscope was guaranteed. Handycope is easy to use. Fine rotation of revolving tube makes a fine focus and high-powered LED light guarantees clear and bright images even under dark working environment or at night.

  • 400 times magnification order AVAILABLE
  • Stain-proof durable box package
  • English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean translated manual included
  • CE mark acquired


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