Operasyon_MasasıVET OPERATING TABLE (Remote Controlled)

  • Operating table component is totally covered with 1,2 mm. 304 quality Cr- Ni non-corrosive plate.
  • Upper table dimensions are 660x1410x35 mm. Standard lavatory pipe and V-shaped press print that make the liquid flow easy are available.
  • There are 2 (two) foot switch pedals that control up and down movements.
  • There are 2 (two) foot switch pedals that control left and right movements (optional).
  • The height of the table is min. 66 cm. max.96 cm.
  • The table has trendelenburg feature. It can be adjusted to a minimum 15º angle from the surface with the help of position fixing shock absorbers.
  • There is a reel system in the lowering and elevation system which is adjustable, has rigid structure and that can absorb the sounds.
  • Non-corrosive IV hook which is on the side of the table with a height adjustment and position adjustment has at least 2 (two) hooks.
  • Lower dimensions are 85x40x10 cm.
  • All the internal components are painted with an electro-static paint against corrosion.
  • The table is situated on 2 (two) tyres and 2 (two) adjusted ball joint legs which enables easy position changing.
  • Weight capacity is max. 120 kg.
  • It has TS-EN-ISO-9001:2008 Quality certificate.


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