cihazlar output heater 3

Infusion Fluid Warmer
Features and Functions
·Four parts: Heating source Power supply
Control module Shell body
·Three indicator: Run indicator Power indicator
Alarm indicator
·LCD Display
·℃/℉ Switch Button
Technical Parameter:
Environmental conditions of transportation and storage a. Ambient temperature:-40~+55℃
b. Relative humidity:≤80%
Environmental conditions of operation a. Ambient temperature:5~40℃
b. Relative humidity≤80%
Power supply AC110V±11V or AC220V±23V
Frequency 60Hz±1Hz or 50Hz±1Hz
Input power ≤70W
Temperature controlling
a. Liquid temperature at the entrance:15℃~25℃ or 59℉~77℉
b. Liquid temperature at the exit:35℃!46℃ or 95℉~114.8℉
c. Display error of temperature: ≤2℃ or 3.6℉
Safety The power supply will be automatically cut off when the heating plate reaches 47℃+2℃ or 116.6+3.6℉.Meanwhile, the buzzer phone gives an alarm and red-guided light glimmers.
Suitable speed of infusion fluid 40~80 drop/min(2~5.3ml/min)
Fuse T5..Mal250v
Max. Weight <600g


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