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All of the lead protectors are made of standard 0.50mm lead plates. Lead aprons can be manufactured in desired thickness of lead plates, in desired color and length . Thyroid protector, gonad protector, mask, lead specs, hanger and screen are also included in our sales list.

It is important to hang the lead aprons in an appropriate way, keep them away from direct sunlight or radiators in order to maintain its quality.

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Blue and green films of any dimensions are available. We also have film grip holder frame for easy accessiblity.

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Models with or without windows are available.
The dimensions are18x24, 24x30, 30x40, 35x35, 35x43 cm in color beige.
Made of stiffened aluminium.
The locks are ABS and shock proof.
Cartridge surface is electrostatic paint coated.
Underneath the cover is reinforced with 0,15 mm lead.

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Intensity 400 Hz
Fluorescent Wavelength Peak Value: 388nm
Resolution 6.3LP/nm
Condensation Dashboard: 120/130
Rare Earth High Speed Screen Condensation FLB 400

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Reagents for automatic processor and hand processor are available. We also supply thermostated heater for the hand processor's reagents.

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We supply non-corrosive tanks for the developer, fixer and water as a set. We can add a cover if desired.

cihazlar output 07 Single: 45x50cm/32 Watt

Double: 50x75cm/64 Watt

Triple: 50x110/96 Watt

Quadruplet: 50x148/128 Watt

Dark room lamp is available.


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