Brucellosis is considered the world's most common zoonosis by WHO, FAO and OIE. Brucellosis is very common in humans and animals in our country. It is essential that the disease with brucellosis is extinguished to the operation it is in. If sick animals are sold without disease detection, the disease will spread to many businesses. Rose Bengal and Serum Agglutination Tests are used to detect brucellosis. According to the results of these tests, compulsory slaughter and quarantine applications are made.

HASVET all the materials (Rose Bengal-Tube Agglutination-Plate Agglutination) required for medical tests are available as a set. In our set, there are all materials from the antijenden tube to the tip of the etude to the pipette. There is also free training on implementation and evaluation.

Antibody titres are determined by agglutination test for 17-24 hours, and it is clarified whether the animal is sick or not according to vaccination status. The total time a physician will take to test for the diagnosis of 8-10 animals is 25-30 minutes.

The Merck brand staining kit and the parasitological examination set are in our sales list and are supported for implementation and evaluation.

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