EPX-3500 HD Video Processor

High definition images and superior functions for advanced endoscopic diagnostics and therapy

High image quality
The EPX-3500HD offers clear images by using superior functions such as structure and color emphasis, automatic light control and anti-blur. The EPX-3500HD is compatible to our full range of 590 and 530 endoscope series. 

Three preset FUCE patterns available
Three patterns of FICE, which enhances the color tone of the endoscopic images by estimating spectral images of specific wavelength components from the original image by image processing, are pre-defined and can be easily operated by pressing the scope switch button. 

Anti-blur function
Thanks to the anti-blur function, all captured images are documented in razor-sharp detail. During the archiving stage, the video processor automatically selects and saves the cleanest image.

Applicable to Full HD wide monitors
Captured images can be displayed on a Full HD wide screen monitor without overlapping the real time view.