MAS-D-TEC by Wescor offers a new development in electronic technology: Early Mastitis Detection. It meets the requirements of a modern dairy operation and provides the manager with a simple, convenient and instantaneous means of detecting subclinical mastitis. It eliminates the guesswork and time-consuming fuss associated with old-fashioned chemical tests for mastitis detection.

MAS-D-TEC measures electrical conductivity in a small sample of milk. Research has shown that conductivity increases markedly with the onset of mastitis infection. MAS-D-TEC uses sophisticated technology to detect increases in conductivity long before other clinical symptoms and signs are evident.

With an average dairy of 120-150 cows losing up to $37,500 to mastitis every year, it is no wonder there has been so much talk among dairymen about mastitis. It is estimated that at least 50% of all cows are infected with mastitis. Most dairy farmers deal with the obvious clinical cases and usually overlook the less obvious, but far more costly, subclinical mastitis. Those dairymen who are best informed as to herd health will be those who, through the application of good management factors, will ultimately have the "cleanest" herd. In the past, detecting subclinical mastitis was difficult. MAS-D-TEC makes it easy to detect and provides critical feedback.

Laboratory analysis of somatic cell count in milk can indicate the presence of mastitis infection. However, since such analyses are performed away from the dairy and are not specific to the individual quarter, the results do not provide a means for mastitis detection as effective as MAS-D-TEC. Frequent herd monitoring with MAS-D-TEC will enable prompt action, providing effective, economical control of mastitis in your dairy herd.

Mas-D-Tec is a simple, convenient, electronic hand-held tool to detect mastitis in cows. Provides the immediate detection you need on your modern dairy operation. Eliminates the guesswork and time-consuming fuss of chemical tests.

How does it work?
Mas-D-Tec measures electrical conductivity in milk, identifying subclinical mastitis in individual quarters or cows. This allows you to act quickly, providing effective and economical control of mastitis in your dairy herd.

Simple to use and immediate results
The entire testing process is complete in just a few seconds per quarter!
Step 1: Squirt 2 ml milk sample (1-2 squirts) directly from teat into funnel-type opening at the top.
Step 2: Mas-D-Tec instantly measures and registers a reading on the 0-9 digital scale.
Step 3: Readings 4 and under indicate normal quarters or cows; readings 5 and above indicate subclinical mastitis.

Self-purging design
Milk samples are purged when the next sample is introduced. No risk of cross contamination. No need to clean between quarters or cows. A simple rinse with clean water after each milking is all you need.

Mas-D-Tec's hand-held design offers easy operation on the farm. Tests several thousand samples before needing to change the 9-volt battery. Features low battery warning and rugged, water-resistant case for long, dependable use in the milking parlor.

Includes 9-volt battery, O-ring grease and instruction manual. One year warranty.