LED Operation Lamps

In Recently the Light Emitting Diode ( LED ) technology has lead our R&D department to accept such innovation and low energy consumption is the newest surgical light.

We developed the newest generation of white light LED operating lamp comply with new standard as high light illumination quality, efficiency operation, pure natural light, economy cost, low-maintenance and less environment impact is best choice for your surgery teams.Our operation lamps' built-in 54 LEDs deliver high light intensity upto 160,000 lux, and 4500 K color temperature as natural white light and performance colour rendering index ( Ra ) of 95 at surgical area.

Light functions control panel:

On / Off switch

Electronic light intensity control

AC / DC changeable ( optional )

Laminar Air Flow Application:

Aerodynamic design light head achieve laminar motion of a fluid on the ceiling of operation room and offer minimize turbulence, reduce bacteria circulate provide fresh and sterile operation environment.

Shadow-free Illumination:
Large ellipse light head and large light field diameter offers optimum illuminate in obstructed area and the symmetric shape of lamp head provides perfect shadow control.

Long Bulb Life:
The advantage of new LED light with character of high performance and lower consumption, it bulb service life over 30000 hrs is the most efficient and economical compared with conventional halogen bulb.

The Focus and Light Field Adjustable :
Adjustment of the focus and diameter of light field by sterilizable handle on the centre of lamp head.

Halogen Lamps

The operating lamps are designed for bath major and minor surgical procedures.
By using halogen bulb provide high luminous intensity and color temperature similar as natual day-light. More than 50CM deep cavities focal with excellence shadowless effect. It equipped cold light reflector and hot absorption glass to ruducing thermal radiation on the illuminated field.

Examination Lamps:

  • Color Temperature (K): 3000-5500
  • Illumination (lx): ≥20000
  • Temperature Rise(℃): ≤8
  • Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Power (W): ≤12
  • Lamp Bulb (mm): Super bright LED luminotron 3V/0.5W×19
  • Spot Diameter (mm): ¢80-¢120
  • Best Serviceable Range (mm): 300mm-500mm from lamp adapter
  • Stand-by Battery