Precision, Reliability & Accuracy


Why Choose the RX daytona+?

  • World leading extensive test menu covering routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, antioxidants, cardiac and diabetes testing, offering cost savings through consolidation of routine and novel tests on a single platform
  • Integrated barcode readers for reagent and sample identification. Increased functionality with 12 wavelengths generated via diffraction grating (340-800nm) ensuring a multitude of chemistries are possible on one system
  • Separate sample and reagent pipettes minimise carryover. Dedicated micropipettes are equipped with liquid level sensors and crash detection. Dual five speed stirrers provide optimised mixing for each assay
  • Economic platform with low water consumption of only 5 litres per hour saving on consumable costs. The RX daytona+ also requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy to use icon based and advanced software with an on-board inventory management system providing unrivalled up-time and  performance with sensitive clot detection sensors and on-board cuvette checking function
  • Advanced software with unrivalled QC capabilities developed to improve laboratory efficiencies with the ability to generate Levey-Jennings charts, calibration curves and the ability to provide QC statistics and results. There are also 7 different calibration options available


System Overview

  • The system comprises 72 semi-permanent reaction cuvettes lasting for 3-6 months with an economical reaction volume of between 100-350μl. The on-board cuvette checking function ensures only clean and viable reaction vessels are used.
  • 50 positions are contained within the universal sample carousel, including 10 positions for calibrators and controls. The emergency loading port allows for the processing of STAT samples. Barcode sample identification ensures accurate matching of patient identification to specimen.
  • A thorough 12 stage washing process with acid, alkali and pure water wash steps eliminates contamination and carryover. Liquid level sensors at stations 1-5 prevent cuvette overflows.
  • Equipped with dual 5 speed stirrers, operators can choose the correct mixing speed depending upon the viscosity of the reagent, therefore optimising the mixing of each assay to ensure best performance


RX daytona+ Extensive Dedicated Test Menu:

Acetic Acid - Adiponectin - Albumin - Aldolase - Alkaline Phosphatase - ALT (GPT) - Ammonia - Amylase - Apolipoprotein A-1 - Apolipoprotein AII - Apolipoprotein B - Apolipoprotein  CII - Apolipoprotein CIII - Apolipoprotein E - ASO - AST (GOT) - Beta-2 Microglobulin - Bile Acids - Bilirubin (Direct & Total) - Calcium - Canine CRP - Carbamazepine - Chloride (Non-Direct) - Cholesterol - Cholinesterase (Butyryl) - CK-MB - CK-NAC - CO2 Total - Complement Component 3 - Complement Component 4 - Copper - Creatinine - CRP - CRP Full Range (0.3-160mg/l) - CRP High Sensitivity - Cystatin C - Ethanol - Ferritin - Fructosamine - G6PDH - Gamma GT - Gentamicin - GLDH - Glucose - Glucose/Fructose - Glutamate - Glutamine - Glutathione Peroxidase (Ransel) - Glutathione Reductase - Glycerol - Haptoglobin - HbA1c/Hb (Direct) -  HbA1c/Hb (Indirect) - HDL Cholesterol (Direct) - Heart-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (H-FABP) - Homocysteine - Hydroxybutyrate (Ranbut) - IgA - IgE - IgG - IgM - Iron - Lactate - LDH - LDL Cholesterol (Direct) - Lipase - Lipoprotein (a) - L-Lactic Acid - Magnesium - Malic Acid - Microalbumin - Myoglobin - NEFA (Non-Esterified Fatty Acids) - Pancreatic Amylase - Phenobarbitol - Phenytoin - Phosphorus - Potassium (Non-Direct) - Rheumatoid Factor - sdLDL - Sodium (Non-Direct) - sTfR - Superoxide Dismutase (Ransod) - TIBC - Total Antioxidant Status - Total Protein - Transferrin - Transthyretin (Prealbumin) - Triglycerides - Urea - Uric Acid - Urinary Protein - Valproic Acid - Zinc

Product availability may vary from country to country. Some product may be for Research use Only. For more information on product application and availability, please contact with our company.