cihazlar output BOYNUZ KESME

Animals with horns can cause injuries in other animals in the herd and decrease the meat quality. Horn attacks in bovine animals can lead to mastitis, udder atrophy and abortus. Besides, animals with horns pose a threat to the caretakers as well.

  • A spring system has been developed in order for the operator to perform dehorning with minimum effort.
  • It is the lightest of the similar products sold in Turkey. A durable, cutter diamond tip has been used. Its engine is 1100 watt, it is the most powerful engine available for dehorners.
  • You don't have to set the dehorning level thanks to its special feature
  • The engine designed for the fastest and easiest dehorning is ideal for farms. Animals, preferably under anesthesia, are dehorned within 10 seconds. Up to 60 animals in 2 hours can be dehorned in farms


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